Saturday, November 08, 2008

Language Lessons

Nathan: "Daddy, what's a windshield?"

Byron: "Well, break the word apart. What's wind?"

Nathan: "Wind is the air outside."

Byron: "And what's a shield?"

Nathan: "A thing that protects you."

Byron: "So put that together. What's a windshield?"

Nathan: "A thing that protects you from the wind?"

Byron: "Right. Good job."

Nathan: "Daddy, what's a 'doh'?"

Byron: "Like dough to make bread?"

Nathan: "No, a 'doh'. What is it?"

Byron: "Like what Homer Simpson says? He says 'doh' when he's mad."

Nathan: "No, a 'doh'! Like wind-dow!"

Byron: "Oh...Well, that one doesn't work when you try it break it down I guess."