Tuesday, November 23, 2010

It's Thanksgiving Already?

The fall season has gone by all too quick. We are still in the process of relocating to Nebraska. Byron is working there already and has been since August. It's been almost four months of him driving back on the weekends. That means life has been very different at our house as we get our house sold. We are hoping that in the next month, we'll get moved and settled in Lincoln. In the meantime, the boys are enjoying first grade and my new job is wonderful. I'm now a technical writer for HRB's digital tax products, and I work at home, which means I can continue the job when we're in Nebraska. My dad has also moved to Lincoln for a new job, so it's a double bonus to have him there in the new town when we get moved. I hope to have more good news about our move soon!

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Rock Band

Nathan just told me his friend Jack B. (yes, another Jack, very popular name in their age group) wants to start a rock band. He wants Nathan to play the bass guitar and he (Jack B.) is going to play the lead guitar. (Chris is going to play the drums, in case you were wondering.)

Apparently, Nathan isn't happy with this arrangement. I sense band tension already.

Here's how Nathan described the situation: "Well, 1, I don't want to play the bass guitar. And 2, I don't know how to play the bass guitar. And 3, Jack B will get all the solos."