Monday, June 27, 2011

Growing Pains

Nathan loves to sit on my lap while we scroll through photos on my laptop. The problem is - he's too big. He got about 8 pounds and 1 inch on Jack right now, which is a huge difference when that's 20% of your body weight. I can barely lift him, let alone withstand the crushing weight of him trying to squeeze onto my lap in my office chair.

The other day, after doing this normal routine, I squeezed him up in a bear hug and fake-cried, telling him that he wasn't allowed to grow anymore. If he grew any bigger, he wasn't going to fit into our house, let alone on my lap. He looked at me very seriously and said, "Even if I don't fit on your lap, I'll always be your son."

Well, I certainly hope so. (Sob!)

Monday, June 06, 2011

Baseball Season

It's that time of year again - baseball season! The boys are doing coach-pitch baseball this year for the first time. And it's not easy. They are struggling a bit to make that transition from t-ball to pitched baseball. But they are getting better every time they practice.

Our first game was yesterday, and the boys were all geared up with the personalized baseball gear I made for them. They looked so cute! I love this shot of Nathan with his hat and Byron in the background.

The boys were each up to bat twice during the game. Nathan really worked hard at hitting the ball from the pitch but wasn't able to connect this time around. He was able to slug it out to center field from the tee, though. He just needs to get his timing down as he's just barely missing the pitch ball each time.

Jack was able to connect with the pitch ball on his first time up to bat. We were so proud to see it fly out to right field. The second time up, he wasn't able to connect but again, slugged it out to center field from the tee.

We need to get some good practice before our next game. We love baseball!