Thursday, September 27, 2012

Super Size Me

As we were on our way to Denver on moving day, moving across the midwest to the mountains, we stopped at McDonald's to grab dinner. I ordered a medium-sized drink for Jack - which was apparently quite a treat.

"Wow, a medium," he said as he filled up at the drink machine.

"Yeah," I replied. "You're living large tonight."

"Actually," he answered. "I'm living medium."

I so love that we have kids smart enough to use nerdy word humor.

Saturday, September 01, 2012

August 2012 Round-Up

Time to round-up August - already? This month has flown by in a crazy whirlwind of everyday happenings and moving activities...

We started out the month by celebrating the boys birthday with a Spy Party at the YMCA. I know I blogged about this last month, but it was a blast! All their friends were there - plus Gpa Al, Gma Bonnie, Gma Ruby, and Uncle Kyle.

School started on August 14. The boys are in third grade this year. They have loved their new teachers and are being challenged with new activities for their grade.

Fall soccer started this month. The boys are still on the Blazers but with a different group of boys from various schools. Our first game was on August 19. And I can't believe this, but I have absolutely no photos of soccer yet. That is craziness for me. It must be a sign that I'm a little overwhelmed...

So the latest on our Denver move - we put our house in Lincoln on the market on August 14. After a week of frenzied daily cleaning/vacuuming and showings and open houses, we sold our house 8 days later. We are so happy to have a new family ready to enjoy this house we have loved - and I'm so happy that I can stop manically cleaning. I'm sure the boys are happy about that too.

Byron started working in Denver this month, coming back on alternate weeks. I flew out to Denver to look at houses with Byron on the last weekend in August. After a frustrating Saturday where we looked at a TON of houses, I was sure we were making a huge mistake by moving across the country. Byron and I tried to regroup on Saturday night by walking around downtown Denver and having dinner. On Sunday, we narrowed our search to just the 2 neighborhoods we liked best with the elementary school that we wanted the boys to go to. That's where we finally found the perfect house for us. I'm happy to say our offer was accepted and we now have a house in Castle Rock, Colorado.

So we're moving from this... this...

We are so excited! It's hard to believe that the next time I write this round-up, we'll be moved into our new home. I'll keep you all posted about our progress!