Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Simon Says...

This morning, J&N told me they wanted to play Simon Says. I was very excited as I didn't even know they knew what this game was. I quickly started in with "Simon says put your hands on your toes!" and "Simon says touch your nose!" I tried to call them out when I said "Put your hands on your knees!" which they dutifully did, but they didn't know what I meant. Apparently, they've been playing the nice version of this game, rather than the cut-throat experience I remembered from my own childhood.

Then N gave us a good one: "Simon says hop on one toe!" I didn't know how to hop on one toe, so I just hopped on one foot instead and N didn't disqualify me. Score!

Then it was J's turn. He shouted his commands out in rapid succession: "Simon says put your hands on your head! Simon says put your hands on your toes! Simon says put your hands on your boobs!"

Oh dear...

I can only guess Daddy is the one who has been teaching them to play this game.

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