Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Doing the Unthinkable

While watching the boys kick each other under a shared blanket this morning, each struggling to hog the whole of it for himself, I caught myself ACTUALLY SAYING THESE WORDS:

"You know, boys, Santa Claus is watching you right now to see if you're being a good brother. He only brings toys to kids who are good co-operators."

The last of my self-respect is officially gone.


Anonymous said...

with a headline of "Doing the Unthinkable" I wasn't sure what I was walking into.

Now, if we could only use Santa to get Maya to sleep more, that would be great. =)

Anonymous said...

Girl, it's taken you THIS LONG to use that threat? I brought it out in July! I have no self-respect.

(Did it work?)

Litcritter said...

You're not lying to them; you're practicing postmodern parenting with a self-conscious recognition that all truths are contingent upon socially constructed norms of rapidly receding value in our increasingly global age.

At least, that's what I plan to tell myself when our little bean arrives.

KatieBarron said...

I am the Queen of this game Lissa. I always feel a little bad, but not too bad. I am curious what they said?
What do we use when they are too old for Santa?!!!! aaauggh, scary thought.