Friday, May 23, 2008

Graduation Day

Mommy: So tomorrow is our graduation party and we'll have to make sure you guys are wearing something nice for pictures.

Nathan: To make us handsome? Like something with buttons?


Cheryl Lage said...

That is simply PERFECT! I love how their minds associate. Our two are convinced that all the kids with extremely poor behavior in their classes have the common thread of riding Bus #____...and that explains everything. (I just hope the teachers at their school don't think the "bad behavior" common denominator is the last name "Lage!")

Have a great weekend!

Lissa said...

I know! I have no idea where they pick these things up.

carrhop said...

HA! This reminds me of when the kids see me putting on mascara and ask who's coming over!

Darling stories! We have twins (boy and girl) who are now 14 months old (in addition to their six other siblings). They are marvelous--and have kicked our collective behinds, even though I have bigger kids to help--I can't imagine how you moms with twins as your first do it!