Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Kindergarten is a Little More Advanced Than I Remember

So after dinner last night, we were talking to the boys about school, doing homework, etc. They have their FIRST EVER Science Fair coming up, and Byron asked them what they might want to do. As he suggested various experiments (i.e. what kind of food does Daisy - our dog - like best?), Nathan replied, "Dad, we'll have to apply the scientific method. We need to ask a question, create a hypothesis, then test the hypothesis and then analyze the results."

Well - yes. Wow. Okay...

A little bit later, we were practicing spelling words for Nathan's upcoming FIRST EVER spelling test. The boys were taking turns spelling the words out loud, and then Byron pointed out that it would be a little different to write the words down versus spelling them out loud, because we use different parts of our brain to do different things. That's when Jack told us, "Yeah, we know Dad - it's called meta-cognition."

Okay. Again, wow...

I think I need to write a thank you note to their teachers. Geesh.

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