Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Diaper Dreams

So yeah, potty training? Can anyone help me out here? I'm getting desperate. I bought two cases of Huggies from Sam's Club today AGAIN thinking hoping praying that this will be the last time I have to buy diapers. Seriously. My friend S with her twin boys who are a bit younger than mine has them both in big boy underpants and is just dealing with the soggy consequences. I'm about ready to try that method - I'm getting the gory details of her master plan tomorrow. My guys are way past three now and are not potty trained. That feels like some sort of confession - but I do hear from other parents of boys that boys are just slower in this area. You know, they have the brute strength thing later in life but at this point, the girls are blowing them away.

But then again, I'm looking at a LONG car trip coming up for Thanksgiving and it feels slightly like cheating to say we can't drive all that way because two of three men in the house can't hold it that long.

So what to do? Lay down the law? I'm just so super tired. I'm the laziest mommy ever.

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Anonymous said...

I just read your blog, although it was posted in 2006. Assuming your boys are potty trained now i have a question, I also have twins a boy and girl both 4... neither one of them will even look at a toilet! I have tried everything, I put them to bed at 8:30 tonite and about 15 min ago my daughter came in with a diaper and wipes and asked me to change her, I have tried absolutly everything... any suggestions....