Monday, November 27, 2006

Holiday Round-up

We had a great Thanksgiving holiday. The boys rode in the van without any complaints whatsoever, which I have to say I did not expect. We stopped in St. Louis on the way to Memphis but the boys, in their usual style, did not want to cooperate by eating in a dining establishment (i.e. "NO! NO RESTAURANT!!"). So we compromised by walking around PetSmart for thirty minutes then grabbing Sonic on the way back to the Interstate. While driving back to KC, we put our foot down and forced them to eat at Qdoba (since B and I have been mourning the closing of the Qdoba by our house). J ate four peanut butter crackers and two pieces of ice; N ate five square crackers (AKA Wheat Thins®). Oh and J threw our very last pull-up diaper in the toilet while I was trying to wrestle N into a new diaper. Then J had a complete melt-down because he wanted to wear the wet pull-up instead of a real diaper. Oh and another melt-down because I wouldn't let him eat a piece of ice that had fallen into a puddle under the drink dispenser. I think his actual words were something like, "I want to eat the dirty ice cube!" Sigh.

I think I forgot to mention last month that we had a great Halloween too. November went by way too quick...

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