Wednesday, April 04, 2007

It's Spring!

Monday evening was one of the best nights I have ever experienced as a mom. Extremely cheesy, but true. The boys went to their first soccer practice. Their friends, Z and C, were on the team as well - so adorable! Go Blue Team!

They loved it. Oh yes, there were a few moments of N refusing to stand in line again and running off to pout in the field, alone. There were a few moments when J wanted to cut in line (okay, that was continual). But overall, they loved it. I loved it. It was a blast. I wish it went on longer than the three weeks it's set up for. I think I can officially say this, (and I might get a little teary here, both from emotion and disgust), I may actually be a soccer mom. Does it count if I am pretty much playing soccer myself? Considering how much running around, kicking, dribbling and general coaxing/convincing I had to do, I got a pretty good workout.

Another quick pic from the boys - they love to build. And make faces. Maybe not in that particular order.

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