Monday, August 27, 2007

God Help Me

Preschool orientation is tomorrow.

Two dilemmas I'm facing right now:
1. My babies are old enough to go to preschool! I'm freaking out! My babies are growing up! My babies are learning things! My babies know that C-A-N-D-Y spells CANDY and that P-A-R-K spells PARK and how will my husband and I ever communicate again once they understand W-O-R-D-Ses?!

2. Preschool orientation is at 10 o'clock in the morning. On a week day. You know, at a really convenient time for people who are, uh, working.

I'm going to be there no matter what, so it's really not a problem. It's more the principle of the matter. I already anticipate many other week day conflicts that will make me feel ever more guilty over working a day job.

I have been trying to cajole the boys into going school shopping. Each time I suggest we go to the store to shop for their backpacks (and their LONG list of school supplies), I am met with heavy resistance. As in screams of protest. The geeky girl living inside me is so very confused by this noise. (Who doesn't want to get new pencils?! New Trapper Keeper folders?! Are they crazy?) But then I have to remind that geeky girl to keep her Trapper Keeper shut - my boys are only babies after all.

And boys are not as impressed by shiny pink Lisa Frank pencils.


Anonymous said...

All Sylvie will do is slobber on her Trapper Keeper... and we can eat c-a-n-d-y right in front of her without her catching on... also when I read philosophy to her she gets this glazed over look on her face and I just get the feeling that nothing is sinking in... I'm getting concerned!

Anonymous said...

I would be more concerned if they asked for a Lisa Frank pencil (I had to look it up). Unless they broke it in half over their knee. Then that would be cool.

Litcritter said...

You could use pig latin till the boys get old enough to figure that out, and use the intervening months to learn Cockney rhyming slang...