Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Kindergarten Begins

Today was Day 2 of Kindergarten. Yesterday was pretty good as far as the boys went. They both really like their teachers, so they were fine when we left them at their classes to start the day. For some crazy reason, I started bawling as soon as I went to leave - without them seeing, of course - which makes no sense at all, considering I've left them at home nearly every day all these years. The difference being, I guess, they were left at home with Miss Jessica or Miss Ashley versus being left at school all by themselves. (Sob!) When I picked them up from school, they were happy and excited and VERY VERY tired. No naps and lots of activity has made an interesting two evenings. The good news is that they pass out nearly as soon as their heads hit the pillow. The bad news is that they are INCREDIBLY GRUMPY and easy to set off into tantrums. Oh well - I'm sure we'll all adjust very soon.

Both of their teachers send email updates to let us know what they're working on in class, which I completely love! I cannot stop being totally proud of our school - we really have a great one!

Lunch is a bit of a struggle - mainly for me, who obsesses over how LITTLE THEY EAT. Yesterday, they both tried the hot lunch. Jack ate a little of the cheese pizza, green beans and pineapple slices; Nathan ate vanilla yogurt and pineapple (that's supposed to get him through until snack time?!). Today, both boys took their lunches in their new Sponge Bob (for Jack) and Mario Super Sluggers (for Nathan) lunchboxes (thanks Grandpa!). I "made" them each a PB sandwich and they then added baby carrots, applesauce, pretzels, and a cookie snack for dessert. Nathan had a bit of a mishap today when he tried to throw away his trash after lunch and leave with his cookies but they made him throw those away too (this is all coming from him, so we don't know too much about what really happened). I think he wanted to eat them later? Anyway, no food leaves the cafeteria - so we told him next time to just put everything back in his lunchbox. But I have an ulterior motive for that one - Brooks tipped me off that this way I'll know what they ate. Which is good thing, because today they each ate only pretzels, apparently. AWESOME. Very nutritious. Jack said he may or may not have eaten some of his applesauce - he just couldn't remember.

So all in all, school rocks. At least for now...

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