Sunday, August 30, 2009

Week 3 Begins...

...of Kindergarten that is. I may have mentioned a few times that the boys are now in all-day school. Have I mentioned that yet? HAVE I?? I admit it - I am EXHAUSTED. Nothing in the world could have prepared me for this new routine. It's relentless. And the boys are already starting each morning with "Why do we have to school today??!!!??" (I have to control myself SEVERELY to not just say, "Okay, let's all stay home!" because there is nothing more I would love to do at this point).

Their school is wonderful - I love their teachers - I love everything about it. It's just the never-ending-ness of it all. The papers that come home each afternoon. The papers that have to go back each morning. HOMEWORK every night (okay, so it's really just making "letter sounds" and takes about two minutes tops). Lunches that have to be made. FORCING them to eat breakfast. Packing up a week's worth of snacks every Sunday in each backpack. Making sure they have presentable clothes to wear (I feel like a crazy person admitting this, but I actually hang up COMPLETE OUTFITS for each day of the week on Sunday night for both of them). Glasses cases. Water bottles. Tennis shoes on PE days. Library books to return on library days. Practicing their cafeteria PINS (no more lunch tickets in the modern age!). Book order forms. The relentless PTA requests. Spirit Day Fridays! "Show and tell" days! This is just two weeks of school, people!

(Sigh.) I know it will all be fine. But I have a new found appreciation for ALL parents of school-age children, those who are doing it now and those who have lived to tell the tale. It's a full-time management job. We'll get used to it, I know. But for now, I'm making it through one day at a time. (And to Jessica and Ashley - I miss you both! A LOT!)

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