Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Tonsil Drama

So the boys finally had their tonsils taken out - and adenoids - and tubes put in their ears. This was a surgery we had originally scheduled back in March, but we couldn't keep the boys healthy enough to actually make it to the surgery. So we rescheduled for the summer.

Part of the original draw for the boys was that they would be out of school for the recovery - so doing it during the summer didn't appeal to them much. But we talked them up with unlimited popsicles, ice cream, and new video games.

The morning of the surgery started very early - up at 5:30am for us parentals, then rolling the boys out of bed at 6:15am. We were glad it was early though. They boys couldn't eat or drink anything until after surgery, so this worked best for us.

We had a smooth check-in at the surgery center, and then the boys got prepped for the surgery.

After the surgery, the boys took awhile to wake up, and Nathan seemed worse off than Jack. They were not happy about the state they found themselves in. Not happy at all. Sigh. It's so hard as a mom to just know you can't do anything to help your babies feel better. You just have to help them through it as best you can. I did my best to comfort them over the next week but it was pretty rough.

There was lots of sleeping...

And lots of popsicles with Mythbusters or video games...

(This was one of the two times they actually had clothes on the whole week. They did wear underwear, but only grudgingly.)

And there was a lot of medicine.

The medicine was the cause of lots of drama. Jack took his mostly without complaint (except during the middle of the night) but Nathan was another story. He cried. And kicked. And whined. And complained. He did NOT want that medicine - no pain medicine, no ear drops, no antibiotic. None of it. I could hardly blame him. It was quite a relentless round-the-clock schedule of medicine, requiring me to keep track via a notebook and an intricate grid of timing and doses. But we had to do it.

By Day 5, Jack had had enough of Nathan's carrying-ons. I gave Jack his morning doses and then steadied myself to tackle Nathan's medicine. He was not happy at all, per usual. (Poor guy.) By the time I had finished up with Nathan and gotten him settled again, Jack had disappeared. I searched around for him and, on my way upstairs to check their bedroom, I found this note on steps.

Translation: "I'm sleeping because of Nathan! P.S. He annoys me when he cries."

Oh my heart - my poor Jack had definitely had enough of Nathan. These are two boys who very rarely fight, unless it's over a video game and whose turn it is. For Jack to be pushed to the edge far enough to find a piece of paper, a marker, and to scribble this out, he must have been far gone indeed. Poor sweet boy.

I found him on his bed, feigning sleep. We talked it through and decided to cut Nathan some slack, as he was feeling so bad and still seemed worse off than Jack was. But Jack was very clear that he just didn't know "why Nathan has to make such a fuss about it!"

So that was our week after surgery. Days 4 through 6 were the worst. By Day 8, they were on the upswing. By the following weekend, they were back up to normal.

It's crazy how the countdown to surgery had really been weighing on us. Now that it's over and the recovery is done, it's a huge weight lifted. I'm glad we are getting back to our regularly scheduled summer fun.

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