Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Big Bang Theory

Today, Nathan got frustrated with a video game, ran across the room - not watching where he was going - and ran straight into a door frame. No blood was spilled, luckily, but he did give himself a nice Potter-esque mark on his forehead. (I think he was channeling his inner-uncle Kyle.)

I heard the thud all the way upstairs in my office. I assumed it was the garbage truck outside until Nathan came running into my office screaming bloody-murder about his self-inflicted injury. We were able to quickly soothe it with ice and a cold washcloth, luckily. We then recounted the myriad ways that Nathan has injured his melon over the 8 years of his life. It's always his head, somehow.

Later in the day, at lunch, Nathan banged his water bottle against the table and said, "Whoops - sorry - that was just my water bottle." I said, "That's okay, as long as it wasn't your head."

Jack replied, "There's been a lot of big bangs today. I wonder if a new universe is forming."

He's our witty child for sure, always ready with a quip. But I especially love that it's always a nerdy, science quip. My favorite kind.

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