Friday, July 06, 2012

June 2012 Round-Up

In keeping with my round-ups for 2012, here's a quick look at what we did in June.

June was a busy month with lots of summer fun. The boys had a couple of sport camps, and Grandpa Al and Uncle Kyle came to visit. We've been swimming at the Y. The boys have had friends over to play at our house and have gone to their friends' houses to play too.

The weather got very hot...

So we got the bounce house out again...

We took a ride on a special BNSF passenger train through Byron's work - each car was different. It was a fun and unique experience.

We had a garage sale...

We spent Father's Day with Grandma Debbie and Cousin Erik at the waterpark at Mahoney State Park. It was a super windy but not-too-hot day, a pretty great day at the pool.

The wave pool was the favorite attraction for the day.

During the last week of June, the boys went to vacation bible school.

We went to the Lincoln Haymarket on the last day of the month for the farmer's market.

The boys are both still really into Pokemon cards. It's become the big "incentive" for the boys to do chores and jobs around the house. I'm not sure I understand the game, but I remember what it was like to have an obsession like that. (For me, it was Lisa Frank stickers.)

Byron and the boys made a lemonade stand wheelbarrow - the build pattern was from a book the boys picked out for Dad last year for Father's Day.

This was the first project they made together, and it turned out really great.

Speaking of Father's Day, the boys and I made a little gift album to give to Byron to celebrate. It turned out super cute - you can check it out over at

Dad and the boys became pretty obsessed with a new video game - Uncharted 2. It's Tomb Raider meets Bond.

I read 7 books this month:



And watched these shows / movies:



We watched these as a family:



We are already have a fun start to July with another waterpark trip and the boys' favorite holiday coming up. We love summer!


MonicaB said...

We have been having crazy heat here too. I love warm weather but this is too much, we are spending more time inside, than outside. Looks like you had a good month. Great round up.

Iz Originals said...

What a great month! Loved that your boys built something together - looks great! I love the sherlock homes movies