Thursday, January 03, 2013

December 2012 Round-Up

December was an awesome month for us. I love how these round-ups have really shown us all the things we do get to do during each month. What a blessed life we have! I truly appreciate each day we get to spend together - there's nothing greater than family. :)

So what did we get up to in December? We started out the month with Grandma Debbie here for visit. I hinted at some fun things we did - it included not one, but two trips to IKEA. We might have done a little bit of shopping...

After our shopping trip to downtown Castle Rock, we brought home a very cool nightstand for Jack. We then knew we'd have to get one for Nathan too, so my mom decided to make one. (My mom is a very talented artist and crafter - I like to think I inherited a lot of my craftiness from her.) We then decorated the boys' room with all the maps and globes we found on our shopping trip. It was a great weekend project.

We were so glad Grandma could come and spend some time with us. We're looking forward to her next visit.

The start of December for us always brings the Lego Advent Calendar. We love to see what each day brings as we count down to Christmas.

The boys started swim lessons last month, and then started diving lessons at the start of December. They weren't too thrilled after the first class, each having experienced their first belly flops. I forgot how hard it is to learn how to dive. Poor guys. By the third lesson, Nathan got some pretty good dives in by the third week, but Jack was not a fan and was super glad when it was all done. At least they tried...

Mid-month, the boys attended a movie night at their new school. Imagine 200 elementary-school kids trying to watch a movie without their parents. It was a crazy time. Jack and Nathan, normally extremely quiet by nature, were not amused. Oh well...

We got a bunch of snow here in Colorado. It never seems to last very long, but it sure is beautiful, especially when I don't have to shovel it.

Before we knew it, Christmas was here. We were so lucky to have Byron's sister, husband, and boys come to our house for the holiday. Jack and Nathan love their cousins and always have so much fun. We spent the first day they were here hiking at Garden of the Gods.

We spent the rest of the time playing at home (with a side trip to Jumpstreet). There was a lot of video-game-playing and some card games too.

We made a lot of great food too - including my favorite meal of the year, Christmas Eve appetizers (with chocolate fondue).

Christmas Day was a wonderful, low-key day with family...

The big hit of Christmas was the boys' new Kindles. They love them - and they'll come in very handy when school starts up again for doing homework.

The boys go back to school on January 7. Until then, their main goal in life is to stay in their pajamas for as long as possible each day - the whole day if they can. I think it's a great goal...LOL.

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