Thursday, August 10, 2006

Slip Slidin' Away

Last evening was the boys' first experience with the new slip-n-slide. Or the Battle Blaster Slide as it is now called, apparently. They've improved on the original design we adults remembered from fond childhood. There's a tube that runs the entire length of the slide which fills with water and sprays out in a small lovely fountain of arcs, keeping the slide continually refreshed. Then there's an enormous archway over the slide with car wash-like streamers through which to slide. And there's a pool at the end to catch the sliders themselves, cooling them in a small pond of grassy, muddy water (although this is better than landing on the grass and mud itself, I guess).

There has been, however, no improvement on the pain one inflicts upon oneself when sliding - the boys arrive at the other end of the slide, their protruding baby potbellies red and raw with scratches which they do not notice at all but which mommy continually fusses over.

In point of fact, the new design is more of a pain than the original, for us adults I mean. The boys don't understand how to run and hurl themselves at the thin plastic tarp, propelling downwards toward said grassy/muddy pool. Instead, we, loving parents, have to kneel or crouch down at the top of the slide while J&N lie down on their bellies ready for launch. Then there's a bit of an exciting buildup as we grab their calves and sort of bend them upward into a semblance of a handle, pushing the boys (individually of course) while counting down 1 - 2 - 3 - go! Then pushing/shoving/rocketing the boys down the tarp. Oh such fun. And it was only 105 degrees at 6pm yesterday!

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