Monday, August 21, 2006

Why Oh Why Do They Hate Church?

Ok, not church. Just being away from us, for some reason I cannot fathom, because aren't we the icky parents? Separation anxiety is the technical term. (Why "anxiety"? Truly it should be described as "abject terror".)

This month we decided to try to be proper parents and take our heathen children to church. Yesterday was Week 2 of Sunday School! as we excitedly refer to it, in order to build the positive-ness. J&N are having none of it. Oh sure, afterward, it's all cookies! and toys! and lollipops! and school rocks! (I made up that last part.) But during the actual ACT of being IN school, it's all Screaming! and Crying! and Kicking! and Flailing! I, myself, was in tears leaving them this week, wondering what kind of horrible wretched mother could leave other normal people and their children with these two screaming wild banshees. I really did feel more bad for everyone else in the class having to put up with them than for my two guys! Sort of. Okay, I felt bad for leaving them too. But really, I was afraid the sweet and patient teacher would tell us to take our kids and get the heck out of there.

In my vision, they would love school and wonder why I had held them back from their educational destiny for so long. Little did I know that it would in reality be the exact opposite of my vision. The sweet and patient teacher told us it would probably take a few more weeks. So we'll keep it up as long as she can stand it. I'm sure they'll break her down by then.

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