Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Detective Skills

J&N had a little fight last night while I was making dinner. I heard the altercation and then crying so I went in to check. N was crying - J was jumping on the couch. I think we can all figure out what likely happened. But I am a reader, and having read way too many parenting books, I do try to incorporate the various discipline approaches in my day.

So I asked them both, "Tell me what happened here."

J says nothing. N says, "J hit me."

(Now we're getting somewhere...)

"Where did he hit you?" I ask.

N says, "In the living room!"

Sigh. The parenting books generally don't tell you how to keep a straight face while doing this stuff.

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Anonymous said...

Good stuff Lissa. I look forward to attempting all this parenting stuff myself. I really enjoy the stories. You take such mundane events and spin them into little joys. I can remember similiar disciplinary experiences with my brother and sister, but I imagine it's quite a different perspective when it's your own children. Keep these coming they're really fun.