Monday, September 11, 2006

Pretend You Know What You're Doing

J&N used a Panera (my secret weakness) shopping bag to pretend-shop yesterday. This is a new thing for them – pretending. They went to their playroom to load up the shopping bag with their purchases, then brought them out to show me.

They pulled each item out of the bag, telling me “Here’s my toast mommy” and “This is bread mommy”. Each item was invariably a carb – they are big on carbs of every kind right now: crackers, bread, chips (but not pasta for some unknown reason – they refuse to even try it). The actual items were cars and trucks and tractors, each, they told me, representing bread or toast or crackers. No fruit or veggies of course.

The only odd item in the bunch was a plastic Elmo. I pulled it out and said “Oh, is this bread?”

They both looked at me in puzzlement. In unison (I swear), they said “No, mommy – that’s Elmo!”

So much for pretending I’m a cool mommy who knows whassup.

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