Thursday, February 08, 2007

Notes on Potty Training

It's hard to believe that just one month ago (or less), I believed we would never reach a day when the boys would not need diapers. As I brought a pack of Huggies upstairs last night, I realized that we would probably not buy any more diapers. We will buy some overnight pull-ups but not diapers.

That seems amazing to me.

And, as per my usual, kind of sad.

There have been a few accidents of course. That's okay. I can deal with that. Just this morning, for instance, I found myself wiping up a puddle in the middle of my hallway. But to be fair, it was only a partial accident and J finished up on the potty. I think he was just busy.

Another day, he called out to me urgently, "Mommy?! Am I wearing a diaper or underwear?!?" I told him he was wearing underwear so he hightailed it to the bathroom. I guess if it had been a diaper, he wouldn't have bothered(?). Not sure...

I believe the boys are finally ready to be called "potty-trained". We can be reasonably sure that taking them out in public in underwear won't result in disaster. We might have to make a mad dash to find a restroom in the most unlikely of places (grocery store, Best Buy, god forbid Mickey-Ds) but we probably won't have to mop up a puddle (or worse). And that's progress.

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Dustin said...

In your search for the best potty training aid, this has to be up there:
Peter Potty