Thursday, January 20, 2011

Another Snow Day

The 4th snow day we've had so far this school year. I'm trying not to mourn the fact that today was supposed to be the day we closed on our new home in Lincoln - the close has been postponed until next week, so not all is lost. And with more than 6 inches of snow dumped on us, I should be grateful that I'm not having to drive across the Midwest in this weather. Instead, I'm home with the kiddos - the boys and our dear neighbor friend - warm and cozy.

That's a lot of snow

Well, mostly warm. I did spend 90 minutes shoveling our driveway and various side entrances. (Why does such a small house have so many doors anyway??) I may or may not have thrown out my back. There was no less than 34 feet of snow in our driveway, which I had never noticed before as being so very, very long and winding - almost palatial, really. As if leading down a long lane of magnolias. But doesn't. Not even close.

Our snowy driveway, freshly shoveled

The kids are being extremely wonderful and letting me get my work done - working at home has many advantages and snow days are 1 of them. However, I do actually have to work, so the kids are mostly left to their own devices, playing video games for way more than the daily recommended dose. (Does anyone actually follow that guideline?)

Pastime of choice

I would say that I'm excited to move out of this snowy wasteland except that, where I'm moving, there's even MORE snow. But at least there I have a spouse I can force to do the shoveling...

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