Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Byron had the boys in Lincoln this past weekend. It was supposed to be the weekend we were preparing to move to Nebraska, but with the close rescheduled to this week, I instead had a relaxing, quiet weekend all to myself. Very needed and very nice.

Byron called to check in and had Jack get on the phone to tell me about a sign he saw as they drove through town. Jack told me in great detail about this sign - a girl, standing up, from behind, a neon sign in two parts, of the girl's butt, and the two parts each lit up at alternating times. (Are you getting the picture yet?) Yes, it was a sign for one of those places. Remember the happy whore? Well, Byron couldn't exactly explain to Jack the sign's purpose.

As Jack told me about the sign and I tried desperately to keep from laughing, Jack told me in a very outraged voice (and a fair imitation of me, I think), "I have NO IDEA WHY in the world they would have a SIGN of a GIRL SHAKING HER BUTT in PUBLIC!!"

Oh my dear sweet boy, you will know, and all too soon...

Sweet boys

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